Akki Rotti recipe

Akki rotti or rice flat bread is a special breakfast from Karnataka, South India. Akki rotti is tasty and crunchy to eat.

Ingredients :
1.Rice flour – 2cup
2.Cucumber – 2 medium size
3.Dil leaves – 1/4 cup
4.Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp
5.Curry leves few
6.Cumin seeds – 1tbsp
7.Ginger -1 inch
8.Green chillies -3
9.Salt – 1tbsp
10.Oil as required
11.banana leaves-1

Method :
1.Wash and chop Dil leaves, coriander and curry leaves.
2.Peel the skin of cucumber and grate it .
3.Take rice flour ,add grated cucumber, chopped leafy ,cumin seeds,grated ginger,salt , finely cut chillies and salt mix well then make a dough with water .It may require around 1 cup of water.
4.Cut the banana leaves into 2 square piece which can be used for patting roti.
5.Keep the banana leaves on fire for few seconds that softens leaves which do not tear while patting roti.
6.Make 6-8 balls out of roti dough.
7.Grease the banana leaves with 1 tbsp oil and taking 1 small ball pat the roti in circular shape. Water can be used while patting roti so the dough won’t stick to palm.
8.Place the the roti upon hot tava ,roast it for 1 minute then remove the banana leaves and flip the other side and roast by adding little oil.
10.The same procedure can be repeated for other rotis.
9.The akki rotti ready it can be served with coconut or pudina chutney.

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  1. “I love to be able to cook for myself. Nothing beats the satisfaction of turning out an exquisite meal that everyone is pleased to eat or a delicious lunch and then have something sweet at its side, and then you just need to whip up some snacks so everyone goes back for more of what I like best. If someone doesn’t agree with it, don’t worry. I will have my own opinion and tell them it’s all theirs, but only after they’ve eaten”.
    – Akki Rotti
    I am not going to write about her favourite food everytime, because life brings me changes. But sometimes I was wondering about those dishes she likes. Some dish she cooked and others, her parents cook with. When my mum first cooked a Bengali dum (a Bengali style vegetable curry) and I got addicted to it. Though I liked Bengali cuisine when we were little. And it was very common, every family used to make different styles of bengalyans. There were simple ones, there’s also the sophisticated one’s with a lot of spices and things mixed into it. So one time as a kid I asked mom why dad did not make us…

    • ShunCy, Thanks for sharing your reviews on Bengali curry.


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