Beetroot halwa recipe

Beetroot halwa is an Indian sweet dish which is delicious and healthy. This can be a dessert with your meal.

1.Beetroot -250gm
2.Sugar -150gm
3.Milk powder -1/4 cup
4.Cashew nuts -10
5.Raisins -5 tbsp
6.Ghee -5 tbsp
7.Cardmom powder -1/2 tbsp

1.Peel the skin of beetroot and grate it.
2.keep the grated beetroot for boiling.
3.Take ghee in pan and fry the dryfruits then add the boiled beetroot and sugar start stirring until it leaves the pan .
4.Add milk powder then stirr it another 5 min so that it combines well with beetroot.
5.Lastly add crushed cardmom powder.

  1. Nutritious beetroot halwa is ready.

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