Besan ke laddu

besan laddu recipe

Besan ke laddu is traditional sweet dish from India made from gram flour and sugar, which is in round ball shape and delicious to eat.

1.Besan (gram) flour – 2 cup
2.Ghee – 1/2 cup ( may require extra few spoons)
3.Cashew -10 piece
4.Raisins – few
5.Sugar – 1cup
6.Cardmom – 3 pods

1.Take a heavy bottom pan ,add 1 tbsp ghee ,and roast dry fruits until raisins puffed up and turns golden colour then keep it for later use.
2.Add half cup ghee to the same pan then roast the besan flour under low heat ,keep stirring continuously.
3.If required you can add another spoon of ghee and roast ,around an half an hour it starts leaving ghee but still the mixture should be moist.
4.Keep roasting until aroma comes and colour changes then turn off flame.
5.Blend the sugar and cardamom into fine powder.
6.Mix sugar powder into roasted besan and chopped cashew,raisins, combine well and start making small round shaped laddus.

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