Why red lentil is prohibited?


Red lentil popularly known as Masoor dal grown in various parts of India. Due to its tamasic nature red lentil is not considered in Sattvic diet. Masoor dal is prohibited since it is a tamasic meal, it is same as non-vegetarian, onion, garlic foods. You must be familiar with the Hindu food regimen in order … Read more

Immunity and Interferon boosting foods


During a virus pandemic situation how you can protect your body till the discovery of vaccines? Just by boosting your immunity your body can fight against any kinds of viruses, diseases, tumors and harmful contamination. Immunity boosting natural foods Holding viruses away takes more than an apple a day!   By at least having your seven servings … Read more

What is Sattvic diet and Yogic diet?


Satvic and yogic diets are dietary practices rooted in the ancient Indian philosophies of yoga and Ayurveda. These diets are based on the concept of three gunas or qualities – sattva (purity, harmony), rajas (passion, activity), and tamas (inertia, ignorance). The goal of a satvic and yogic diet is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual … Read more