Idiyappam Recipe

 Idiyappam, a traditional dish from South India which is also known as Nool puttu. Idiyappam is sevai or seviyan or noodles made from steamed rice.

1.Rice flour -1 cup
2.water- 1 &1/2 cup
3.Salt -1/4 tbsp
4.Oil or Ghee -3 tbsp

1.Bring the water to boiling level ,add salt and 2 tbsp oil/ghee.Oil makes the dough softer and stops spilling of water during boiling water.
2.knead the rice flour with boiled water, make a soft dough.
3.Make 4 balls out of dough.
4.keep ready the steamer.
5.Grease the plate with remaining oil and keep balls over that and place it under steamer.
6.Steam it for 20 minutes.
7.Remove the balls let it cool.
8.Take a ball and put it in noodle mould and press it
9.Serve with coconut chutney or coconut sweet milk

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