Mangalore buns recipe

Mangalore bun or sweet banana bun is a delicacy from Coastal of Karnataka and Goa which is fried and puffed made from crushed bananas, wheat flour and sugar, seasoned with a touch of carom seeds.

1.Wheat flour – 2 cup
2.Banana – 2 big size
3.Curd – 1/4 cup
4.Sugar -1 tbsp if required
5.Carom seed – 1/2 tbsp
6.Salt – 1/2 tbsp
7.Soda – a pinch
8.Oil for frying

1.Peel the skin and smash banana with Smasher add sugar,curd,carom seed,soda,salt mix well.
2.Add the wheat flour to the mix and knead well ,the dough should be tight and smooth.It may not require water curd and the banana makes smooth dough.
3.Pour 1 tbsp oil to the dough and rest it for overnight or 8 hours.
4.Make 8 -10 balls out of dough.
5.Roll the balls like Puri size,hot the oil on other side and fry the buns on medium flame.
6.Press gently while frying buns ,doing so will not allow to absorb additional oil.
7.Mangalore buns can be served with coconut chutney.

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