Must Have Cooking Tools & Kitchen Measurements


For an easy cooking you require suitable tools and proper kitchen measurements. This will help you to prepare a proper dish with a consistent taste and aroma. We suggest these must have kitchen utensils and measurement tools : Utensils: Tawa  – 1 Pan – 1 Vessels small – 2 Vessels big – 2 Pressure cooker – … Read more

Weights and measures


Weights and Measures of common foods Most useful list or chart of Weights and Measures with different category of foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, nuts and oil seeds etc., INGREDIENT MEASURE WT. (Gms) CATEGORY Adrak (Ginger) 1 10 Vegetables Akrot (Walnut) 2 pc 10 Nuts and Oil Seeds Aloo (Potato) 1 medium 70 Vegetables … Read more