Motichur Laddu recipe

Motichoor Ladoo or Motochur Laddu is made from small fried boondi made from besan (gram flour) which is then mixed with a sugar syrup. This famous Indian sweet is popular in North India.

1.Chana dal – 1cup
2.Sugar – 1cup
3.Ghee -3tbsp
4.Orange food colour – few drops
5.Cardmom -3 pods
6.Cashew nuts – 15
7.Raisins – 20
8.Oil for frying

1.Wash and soak chana dal for 4 hrs then grind coarsely.
2.Make small balls and fry till golden yellow in medium hot oil.
3.Let it cool then make a fine powder of fried balls and keep aside.
4.Take 1 cup sugar in a pan ,add half cup water ,keep stirring untill 1 string consistency.
5.Add crushed cardmom, orange food colour,then fried chana dal powder stir for 5 minutes,it forms a lump that is perfect for making laddu.
6.Roast raisins ,cashew in 2 tbsp ghee then add it to the mixture

  1. Start making small laddu by applying remaing ghee.

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