7 High protein low carb snacks

high protein snacks

High protein low carb snacks help us to maintain a healthy diet, with conscious diet planning we can overcome many deficiencies and ill health conditions. Here are some examples of high protein low carb snacks: Eating high protein, low carb snacks will have several benefits, including: Note that a balanced diet and regular exercise are … Read more

13 Nutritional benefits of Almonds


Almonds are beneficial in many ways, here few nutritional benefits are listed. 1.Almonds promote weight loss. 2. Almonds are known for rich source of vitamin E 3. Eating handful of badam promotes easy digestion. 4. Almond enhances glowing skin by supplying vitamin A & E to our body. 5. It prevents constipation due to its … Read more

What is Sattvic diet and Yogic diet?


Satvic and yogic diets are dietary practices rooted in the ancient Indian philosophies of yoga and Ayurveda. These diets are based on the concept of three gunas or qualities – sattva (purity, harmony), rajas (passion, activity), and tamas (inertia, ignorance). The goal of a satvic and yogic diet is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual … Read more

Unknown benefits of Cow milk


There are various unknown benefits by consuming Cow’s milk. Among different kinds for Milk, cow’s milk may be acknowledged Incomparable to fantastic physical well-being. Individuals who expend drain starting with Desi / indian breed bovines don’t get promptly inconveniences of maturity. Benefits of Cow Milk: Sweet done taste & need coolant impact on the constitution … Read more

What food to eat during Ekadashi vrat?


Grains must be avoided on Ekadashi as they have a detrimental effect on our body. On Ekadashi with regards to the Moon, the Moon plays havoc on our body. During this time on Earth we have catastrophes like Typhoons, Tidal Waves, Tsunamis and so forth. So the water in the sea and so many other things are severely effected by the position of the moon. There was also a research done in hospitals to find out when most patients died and they found out that it happens within the 5 days of Ekadashi. The reason for this is that the foodstuff they ate retains the water and since the moon plays such havoc with water, it effects our health adversely. Of course the sure way is to fast completely.Water of course can be taken. Except if you wish to do Nirjala (without water) Fast. Do not use any cooking ingredients that might be mixed with grains, such as ghee that has been used to fry puris, or spices touched by hands dusted with flour. There is absolutely NO doubt about what is NOT permissible to eat on Ekadashi… ANNA   (grains).   However   it   is   how   you   translate   this   word   that   makes   the difference. Srila Prabhupada, founder Acharya of ISKCON said “Fruits, Roots, Nuts, Milk”. If you stick to these types of foods you should be fine.

Why You Really Need Zero Calorie Foods


Zero calorie or negative calorie foods burn more calories than they contain. calorie intake recommended daily  for a man is 2500 and for a woman is 2000. For example consumption of 3500 calorie of food every day means increasing around 1 kg in just 3 days! So we must be careful and cut our daily calorie … Read more