Soya chaap stick

soya chaap

Soya chaap stick is perfect in taste and very easy to make. Being a rich source of protein, they are also very healthy. Ingredients : Soya bean – 1/2 cup Soya chunks – 1/2 cup Salt – 1/2 tbsp Wheat flour – 1 cup Method : 1.Soak soya bean overnight . 2.Soak the soya chunks … Read more

13 Nutritional benefits of Almonds


Almonds are beneficial in many ways, here few nutritional benefits are listed. 1.Almonds promote weight loss. 2. Almonds are known for rich source of vitamin E 3. Eating handful of badam promotes easy digestion. 4. Almond enhances glowing skin by supplying vitamin A & E to our body. 5. It prevents constipation due to its … Read more

Ragi instant dosa

ragi dosa recipe

Ragi dosa is a South Indian breakfast made with finger millet or ragi flour good managing healthy body and controlling sugar level in the blood. Ingredients: 1.Ragi flour – 1 cup 2. Suji rava – 1cup 3.Rice flour – 1/2 cup 4. Curd -1/2 cup 5. Ginger – 1 inch 6. Green chilli – 2 … Read more

Vegetable Pulao


Vegetable Pulao is simple recipe made with rice and mixed vegetable easy to make, nutritious goes well with raita or papad good for both breakfast as well as lunch. Ingredients : 1. Rice – 1 cup 2. Potato – 1 3. Carrot – 1 4. Green peas – 1/4 cup 5. Beans – 1/4 cup … Read more

Why red lentil is prohibited?


Red lentil popularly known as Masoor dal grown in various parts of India. Due to its tamasic nature red lentil is not considered in Sattvic diet. Masoor dal is prohibited since it is a tamasic meal, it is same as non-vegetarian, onion, garlic foods. You must be familiar with the Hindu food regimen in order … Read more

Jackfruit Buns

jackfruit buns

Jackfruit buns are like mangaluru buns made with jackfruit,, sweet and soft ,good for morning breakfast loved by the jackfruit lovers. Ingredients: 1.Jackfruit – 10 2. Wheat flour – 2 cup 3. Curd – 1/2 cup 4. Cardmom – 3 pods 5. Sugar – 3-4 tbsp ( if required) 6. Oil for frying. 7. Salt … Read more

16 health benefits of Gooseberries

benefits of gooseberries

Gooseberries are rich source of Vitamin C and having many medicinal benefits which helps in improving our health. 1.It is Anti cancerous in nature. 2. It regulates blood pressure. 3. It promotes cardiovascular health. 4. Rich source of fibre. 5. It has got anti-aging properties. 6. Rich source of vitamin C 7.It helps in controlling … Read more

Daliya khichdi

daliya khichdi

Daliya khichdi is healthy nutritious dish made of broken wheat mixed with lentils and vegetables. Ingredients : 1.Daliya – 1/2 cup 2. Moong dal – 1/2 cup 3. Carrot – 1 sliced 4. Potato – 1 medium size 5. Green peas – 2 tbsp 6. Green chillies – 2 7. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp … Read more

Benefits of sprouts

benefits of sprouts

Sprouts support the immune system and cleanse the body. The chlorophyll in sprouts aids in the removal of toxins from cells. 1.Aids in Digestion 2. Boost Immune System . 3.Protect against Cancer. 4.Keep Eye Healthy. 5. Improve heart health. 6. Powerhouse of Enzymes. 7. Make Hair Stronger. 9. Rich Source of Omega -3 fatty acids, … Read more

Modak Recipe

modak recipe

Modak is Indian sweet dish stuffed with different ingredients which is popular during festival preparation in India. Ingredients: 1.Wheat flour – 2 cup 2.Dry grated coconut – 1 cup 3.Jaggery grated – 1cup 4.Cardamom pods – 3 5.Oil for frying 6. Salt – 1/4 tbsp Method : 1.Shift the flour with salt and make soft dough … Read more