Paneer butter masala

Paneer Butter Masala is a pleasantly sweet and creamy curry prepared with butter, tomatoes, cashews, spices, and paneer. Its suitable with Roti, Paratha and Naan.

Ingredients :
1.Butter – 3 tbsp
2.Oil or Ghee – 3tbsp
3.Tomato -2
4 Ginger -1 inch piece
5.Bay leaf -1
6.Cardmom &clove -2
7.Turmaric powder -1/4 tbsp
8.Garam masala – 1/4 tbsp
9.Chilli powder -1 tbsp
10.Cumin powder -1 tbsp
11.Salt – 1tbsp
12.Sugar – 1tbsp
13.Water-1 cup
14.Paneer – 100gm
15.Coriander leaves few
16.Kasuri methi -1/2 tbsp
17.Green chilli -1

Method :
1.Take oil and butter 1 tbsp each into pan,add ginger ,clove chopped tomato saute well ,close the lid and cook it for 5 min .
2.Tomatoes softens cool it completely blend it smooth silky puree.
3.Add the remaining oil and butter when butter melts add cardmom,slit green chilli,bay leaf,saute for a minute then add turmaric powder, garam masala,cumin powder chilli powder,sugar salt, tomato puree close the lid simmer it for 5 min.
4.When oil separates add 1 cup of water to adjust consistency
5.Add fresh cream and paneer cubes saute it for 5 minute.
6.Paneer absorbs the masala and coates well ,finally add coriander and crushed kasuri methi for additional taste.

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