Paneer Pakoda recipe

Recipie of paneer pakoda is yummy favourite snack for kids as well as adults, just prepare and enjoy.


2.besan flour- 1/4cup
3.chilli powder – 1/2tbsp
4.Amchur powder – 1/2tbsp
5.Turmaric powder -1/4 tbsp
6.Asafoetida – 1pinch
7.Carom seed-1/2 tbsp
8.rice flour -2 tbsp
9.Oil for frying
10.water as required


1.cut paneer into cubes and keep aside
2.In a bowl put besan flour ,rice flour,chilli powder,turmaric powder,amchur powder ,hing ,carom seed mix well
3.Add water slowly and whisk so that no lumps formed
4.Batter must be of idli batter consistency
5.keep ready the oil for frying other side
6.Add paneer cubes into batter turn so that it coats all side and start frying till golden brown color.

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