Replace meat with these foods for more protein

The tendency to eat meat has been around since ancient times. Many researches have confirmed that meat consumption is beneficial for health. Meat food is as beneficial as it is harmful.

Most protein is found in meat!

It is believed that most of the protein is found in meat. In such a case, most of the body building people consume meat to build the body. But lately there has been a lot of publicity about animal cruelty.

Why does the body need protein?

As a result, the number of non-vegetarians is constantly decreasing. If so, the question of how to get the health benefits of meat is warranted. Why the body needs protein Proteins play an important role in the formation and development of bone, muscle, cartilage and skin.

If there is a lack of protein in the body, then many health problems arise. So today we will take a look at what those options are. By consuming it you can get the same protein and benefits as meat.

How much protein is needed in a day?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the amount of protein a person needs per day is based on their weight. The amount of protein should be 0.8 per kilogram of body weight. So if your weight is 75 kg you need 60 grams of protein per day.

Jackfruit is as beneficial as meat

According to Webmd, jackfruit is a great alternative to meat. Jackfruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. 2.6 grams of jackfruit contains more protein than fruit.

Consume soy instead of meat

Soy is a good alternative to meat and dairy products. Soy is a rich source of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids. Our body cannot produce it on its own. So it should be obtained through food.

If you don’t eat meat, eat pulses

Non-vegetarians should consume more pulses. Sorghum is a plant-based food. It is rich in protein and fibre and potassium.

Eat Kabuli Chana instead of meat

Peanuts are a good source of protein for vegetarians. It is rich in magnesium, fibre and iron in chickpeas.

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