Modak Recipe

modak recipe

Modak is Indian sweet dish stuffed with different ingredients which is popular during festival preparation in India. Ingredients: 1.Wheat flour – 2 cup 2.Dry grated coconut – 1 cup 3.Jaggery grated – 1cup 4.Cardamom pods – 3 5.Oil for frying 6. Salt – 1/4 tbsp Method : 1.Shift the flour with salt and make soft dough … Read more

Gond ke laddu

gond laddu

Gond ke laddu is a healthy traditional sweet ball made from dry fruits, edible gum and ghee. Ingredients :1.Gond (edible gum) – 1 cup2.Ghee – 1/4 cup3.Dry dates – 15 piece4.Cashew-105.Raisins – 156.Almond – 107.Poppy seeds – 2tbsp8.Jaggery – cup9.Dry coconut – 1cup10.Cardmom powder – 1tbsp Method :1.Take ghee in heavy bottom pan and fry … Read more

Besan ke laddu

besan laddu recipe

Besan ke laddu is traditional sweet dish from India made from gram flour and sugar, which is in round ball shape and delicious to eat. Ingredients:1.Besan (gram) flour – 2 cup2.Ghee – 1/2 cup ( may require extra few spoons)3.Cashew -10 piece4.Raisins – few5.Sugar – 1cup6.Cardmom – 3 pods Method:1.Take a heavy bottom pan ,add … Read more

Pumpkin Halwa

kaddu ka halwa

Pumpkin halwa which is also known as kaddu ka halwa, is popular Indian desert prepared with pumpkin, sugar and dry fruits. Ingredients:1Grated pumpkin – 2cup2.Sugar -1 cup3.Milkmaid -1/4 cup4.Cashew -1 tbsp5.Raisins -1 tbsp6.Ghee – 3 tbsp7.Cardmom -3 pods Method:1.Grate the yellow pumpkin and keep aside.2.Fry the dry fruits in 1 tbsp ghee3.Roast the grated pumpkin … Read more

Beetroot halwa recipe

beetroot halwa

Beetroot halwa is an Indian sweet dish which is delicious and healthy. This can be a dessert with your meal. Ingredients:1.Beetroot -250gm2.Sugar -150gm3.Milk powder -1/4 cup4.Cashew nuts -105.Raisins -5 tbsp6.Ghee -5 tbsp7.Cardmom powder -1/2 tbsp Method:1.Peel the skin of beetroot and grate it.2.keep the grated beetroot for boiling.3.Take ghee in pan and fry the dryfruits … Read more

Peanut laddu recipe

peanut laddoo recipe

Peanut laddu is a sweet preparation which is healthy and protein rich. This peanut laddoo can be made with few ingredients and tastes yummy. Ingredients:1.Groundnut or Peanut – 250 gm2.jaggery -200 hm3.Cardmom – 2 pods4.Ghee – 3 tbsp Method :1.Dry roast the groundnut until the skin falls off on rubbing.2.Rub the roasted groundnut on palm … Read more

Motichur Laddu recipe

motichoor laddu

Motichoor Ladoo or Motochur Laddu is made from small fried boondi made from besan (gram flour) which is then mixed with a sugar syrup. This famous Indian sweet is popular in North India. Ingredients:1.Chana dal – 1cup2.Sugar – 1cup3.Ghee -3tbsp4.Orange food colour – few drops5.Cardmom -3 pods6.Cashew nuts – 157.Raisins – 208.Oil for frying Method:1.Wash and soak chana dal for … Read more

Simple Jalebi Recipe

jalebi recipe

Jalebi is made by deep-frying batter made with maida circular shapes, then soaked in sugar syrup. This sweet or dessert can be served warm or cold. Ingredients:1.Maida -1 cup2.Sugar – 1cup3.Water – 1/2 cup4.Baking soda -1/2 tbsp6.Curd -2 tbsp7.Turmeric for coloring – few pinch8.Saffron few strands9.Oil for frying10.lemon juice-1 tbsp (optional) Method :1.Mix maida,curd,baking soda … Read more

Gulab Jamun with Milk powder


Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet which is popular in India. With milk powder you can prepare instant gulab jamun at home and enjoy. Ingredients:1.Milk powder – 1 cup2.Maida -1/2 cup3.Baking soda -1/2 tbsp4.Ghee -2 tbsp5.Milk -1/4 cup( for making dough)6.Sugar- 1&1/2 cup7.Water – 2 cup8.Cardmom -3 pods9.Kesar strands – few strands10.Oil for frying Method:1.Add … Read more