Wheat Eggless Cake recipe

Recipe of wheat flour eggless cake is easy to make healthy and tasty.


1.curd- 1/2 cup
2.sugar – 1/2 cup
3.wheat flour -1cup
4.milk powder – 1/4 cup
5.water – 1/4 cup
6.Baking powder -1/2 tbsp
7.baking soda -1/4 tbsp
8.Essence – 1tbsp
9.dry fruits for decoration.


1.Mix above mentioned curd and sugar keep stirring untill sugar dissolves
2.Add baking soda and baking powder keep aside for 10 min you will see bubbles rising.
3.Add seived wheat flour ,milk powder and water to curd and sugar mix well in cut and fold manner for good results.
4.Add dry fruits essence of your choice
5.Apply little oil to cake tin and spread wheat flour all over tin which helps in removing cake easily once baked or apply oil and put baking sheet.
6.pour the prepared batter into cake tin and bake it for 35- 40 min.

7.Take a stick or knife prick it in center and remove, if stick is clean that means cake is done perfectly

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